The essence of #Labocosmetica products

A concentrate of technology, innovation and application techniques for those who demand the maximum for the maintenance and protection of their vehicle: this is #Labocosmetica, a very high quality program made up of specific products for Car Detailing, the innovative discipline able to restore their splendor to all surfaces and protect them over time.

Born from the deep passion that has always linked the company to the world of car maintenance, the #Labocosmetica line was created to meet the requirements of professional detailers, until nowadays it has become a point of reference for international scale for all enthusiasts.

#Labocosmetica products are developed in the company’s Research and Development Laboratories and are all made in Italy. The close collaboration with professional Detailers has made it possible to create a range able to optimize treatment times while always guaranteeing an excellent finish in each of the 5 phases that guarantee the Detailing process: Washing, Decontamination, Polishing, Protection and Maintenance.

It’s not just about products, it’s also about training. #Labocosmetica offers a specific training course, designed to know and deepen the techniques of Car Detailing. With the wide range of Detailing School courses, professionals and enthusiasts can learn all the techniques of this extraordinary discipline to perform a Detailing treatment according to the rules of the art, on all internal and external parts of any location which car.