Technical sheet


Gloss booster


#REFLÈCTO is used during the last car preparation stage, after applying the coating and right before delivering the car to the customer. It assures an extremely high glossbooster and unrivalled silkiness, but its distinctive feature is its innovative chemical architecture, a mix of siloxaneswithoutany solar filters: in fact Mafra firmly believes, based on a number of internal and external tests, that in the polymerisation and catalysing stage of all nano-coatings, these must not be stratified with spray nano-sealants, because by reflecting UV rays this would slow polymerisation. This operation should be carried out at the first wash or first car check after applying the nano.

#REFLÈCTO is an innovativeprotective that amplifies UV while maintaining the limescale from water or snow in suspension. It lasts 15 days, maximum catalysing time of the lowest coatings, and self-decays at the end of the activity time, thus leaving the original coating beading and sheeting unchanged. This feature stems from Mafra’s extensive experience in cooperation with large external research laboratories, equipped with the most cutting-edge testing technologies.

#REFLÈCTO has been thoroughly researched, developed and tested by Mafra laboratories in cooperation with the best international detailing centres.

  • EAN: 8005553017644