Lubricant for the application of window films and ppf


#Lubrifica Plus 4500ml, lubricant for the application of window films and ppf, concentrated formula for the application of:
- PPF (paint protection film)
- wet install vinyl films
- decals and graphics
- window tints
 - does not leave residue
- siloxane polymers-free

#Lubrifica Plus is designed to facilitate the application of Paint Protection Films (PPF), technical black-out films and, more generally, to ensure the quick, safe application of self-adhesive films. Its formula is free from soaps and siloxane polymers, so it does not interfere with the application of next-generation protective nanofilms.

#Lubrifica Plus is much faster and performs far better than soap and water. It makes application simpler because it keeps the surface wet for longer, providing the right adhesion for the positioning of the film during placement. The operator has a good three minutes to position the film and make changes before it starts to stick to the surface and before the product dries, meaning that there is no need to continuously wet the surface, thus reducing consumption.

Any product residue can be easily removed after application, even if completely dry, without having to wash the car. Thanks to its formula with cationic surfactants, the adhesive film can be repositioned several times, barring any unforeseen circumstances, in that it creates a non-stick, lubricated cushion that minimises friction, allowing the self-adhesive film to “float” and be easily positioned on the body of the car, making it easier to apply.

Free from pigments, #Lubrifica Plus is safe and compatible with all brands of film because it does not compromise transparency or interference with the colour. Its formula also reduces any white streaks and moisture accumulation between the film and the surface during the drying phase. #Lubrifica Plus has been developed in accordance with the most current European standards and regulations and conforms with all current environmental requirements.

#Lubrifica Plus is excellent for wrapping, not just for sandblasting and for using clay bars. Additionally, #Lubrifica Plus has been engineered to perform when used outside of detailing rooms, such as in washing areas, where it is often cold and damp.

- Clay block 1:10
- Clay bar 1:20

- PPF in temperatures up to 20°C - dilution 1:50
- In temperatures over 25°C - dilution 1:30

- Window darkening film - 1:50.

1. Spray #Lubrifica Plus directly onto the surface to be clayed or sanded or the buffer pad before polishing. 2. Spray during the claying phase to ensure that the surface is lubricated.
3. Clean after use with a cloth.
4. The surface does not need to be rinsed.

For the application of PPF and darkening films for windows, apply the product to both the surface and to the adhesive film.

  • EAN: 8005553027223