#CUPIDO 100ml

#CUPIDO 100ml

Nano composit sealant


 Nano Composit Sealant
• #CUPÌDO is a unique nano-composite sealant. Its formula is the bridge between a nano-ceramic product and a traditional sealant.
• The polymeric matrix generated by #CUPÌDO has a structure comparable to a flexible elastomer that can anchor and adhere to the surface protecting it against abrasions caused by mechanical actions (washing glove) and both acid and alkaline chemical aggression.
• #CUPÌDO generates a physical and chemical barrier. That is why it offers greater protection against limestone and atmospheric agents than other sealants on the market.
•#CUPÌDO can be applied on top of other sealant or nano waxes to maintain them. It is also recommended on super hydrophobic nano fluoropolymer protections which are usually subject to the water spot phenomenon. #CUPÌDO creates deep gloss and provides an excellent antistatic, self-cleaning ability.
• The duration of #CUPÌDO can be extended from 5 (if applied on its own) to 9 months, depending on the different combinations the detailer wishes to implement. It is indispensable for classic cars where ceramic protections cannot be used. #CUPÌDO is the result of the research and development of Mafra laboratories and has been thoroughly tested with the world’s most prestigious sports car manufacturers.


spray #CUPÌDO on the cold bodywork and spread it uniformly on the surface using a short-haired, micro-fibre “POLISH CLOTH”. Remove excess product with our medium/long-haired “DOUBLE FACE” micro-fibre cloth. Lastly, eliminate any residue with the “TOP BUFFING” cloth . #CUPÌDO reaches its maximum effectiveness, protection and gloss level at least 8 hours after application. The product can be stratified after an hour. Warning: being a nano-technological product, it only adheres to the surface perfectly if it has already been decontaminated and cleaned well.

COMBINATIONS: #CUPÌDO + #PERFÈCTA. Spray #PERFÈCTA on a microfiber pad and dispense #CUPÌDO evenly on the surface to be treated, 40x40 cm at a time. Apply the product with the pad dampened with #PERFÈCTA in a “Criss-Cross” method. Remove with a short-nap cloth and eliminate any residue with a “DOUBLE FACE” cloth.
#VÉNERE + #CUPÌDO. #CUPÌDO can be applied together with the #VÉNERE primer booster glaze and removed together, in one step, for greater colour and gloss depth and duration.



  • EAN: 8005553018108